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  Come See Killer Whales (Orcas) Humpback Whales And Other Wildlife On One Of Our Vancouver Island Trips

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"I can't remember a time as exhilirating as paddling with the killer whales in Johnstone Strait! I think my only care in the world was that my heart might beat out of my chest!"

Patrick Dunne,
Victoria, B.C.


Welcome to Kit's Kayak Crusades of North Vancouver, B.C..

Everybody is invited to join in the explorations at Kit’s Kayak Crusades. Especially encouraged are the elderly and paddlers with disabilities. We believe that riding the water in the cabin of a kayak is a priceless experience that nobody should be deprived of and at Kit’s Kayak Crusades, we do our best to accommodate those weary of the physical demands of a kayak. Our guides have experience teaching and paddling with senior citizens and disabled people. For those unable to paddle, sitting at the front of one of our top-of-the-line Nimbus double kayaks paddled by a licensed guide is as rewarding as paddling one on your own.

We Have A Variety Of Options For Everyone?

Ever Wanted to see Whales from a Kayak?

British Columbia is undoubtedly one of the planet’s most popular spots for kayaking. The main reason for this is because kayakers are more likely to paddle alongside a killer whale here than anywhere!  A multi-day trip to the Johnstone Strait is just about a guarantee that you will have the chance to paddle alongside one of the world’s most magnificent mammals, killer whales.  Killer whales, more commonly known as orcas, reside in the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve within the Johnstone Strait and every year, we have the pleasure of seeing these mammals in their natural habitat.  Come on one of our trips and you are likely to see several of the Johnstone Strait's resident orcas.  The orca population of Johnstone Strait is roughly 200 orca whales so there are plenty to see.  You may even come so close to feel the spray of a breathing whale! Day / Night Kayak Tours...

Come with us on our Whale sighting trips

As mentioned above, the best trip to book for kayakers wanting to paddle alongside a whale is our Johnstone Strait trip.  This is where kayakers come from around the globe to paddle alongside the resident orca population.  While orcas, also known as killer whales, live in oceans throughout the globe, there is nowhere that you are more likely to see an orca than in the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve in Johnstone Strait.  These smart and beautiful mammals live here year-round and we at Kit’s Kayak Crusades have had the pleasure to paddle alongside them for over a decade.  There is nothing that compares to seeing one of these whales in person and there is no place better to see them than the beautiful Johnstone Strait!


Other Animals We See Besides Killer Whales, Orcas & Humpback?

Whether booking an orca-spotting trip in the Johnstone Strait, a multi-day trip to Vancouver Island or a day trip to Deep Cove, it is almost a certainty that you will see plenty of wildlife.  There is an abundance of wildlife that flourishes in coastal British Columbia and our guides are pros when it comes to knowing where the wild things are.  On any trip, you are likely to spot humpback, grey or killer whales, bears, sea otters, sea lions, wolves and bald eagles.  It doesn’t matter if you are curious about the creatures of the land, sky or sea because you are likely to see all three! Wildlife...

Serving ocean and outdoor enthusiast for over 10 years

“At Kit’s Kayak Crusades, we not only take pride in spotting animals but also in being respectful of their natural habitat.  While animal sightings are an exhilarating part of all our trips, our guides take extra precautions to make sure any sighting is safe for our clients and the animal.  Whether camping in bear country or kayaking with whales, we know the protocol to ensure a safe trip for us and our animal friends.”

Phone Kit today and plan your memorable whale watching adventure!

Kits Kayak Crusades is located in North Vancouver (North Shore) British Columbia, Canada. All information including trips, lessons, day, weekly and overnight trips are updated on a seasonal basis and are subject to change.

'We are proud members of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.'

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