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 Kayak Hot Springs Cove & Tofino Vancouver Island, B.C. British Columbia

Kayak Hot Springs Cove

Hot Springs Cove

Hot Springs Cove, where tourists love to bath in thermal rock baths, is also home to some of the area’s native population. Hot Springs Cove is the main village of the Hesquiaht First Nation. A community of around 75 Hesqquiaht people lives near the cove’s western hillside year-round. The village seen at this location today is fairly new as the original village here was completely destroyed by a 1964 tidal wave.


Tofino, with around 1,500 residents, is by far the area’s most populated community. Tofino is an increasingly popular tourist destination where travelers have their pick of hostels, campgrounds and elite hotels to use as their base for explorations of the Clayoquot Sound and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Although Tofino is literally at the end of the road, that doesn’t mean that people don’t go out of their way to travel here. It is estimated that Tofino’s population can balloon to 20,000 people on an average summer day.

Getting to Tofino

Making your way from Vancouver to Tofino is an adventure in itself. Take the ferry to Nanaimo out of Horseshoe Bay to Vancouver Island. Those who haven’t explored British Columbia in the past will enjoy their first great views of mountains meeting the water on their way to the island. Once on the island, drive north on the Island Highway, also known as the TransCanada or Highway 1. Look for Highway #4, it’ll be north of Nanaimo. Drive west to Port Alberni and make a right once you get to Ucluelet junction. You will pass through Pacific Rim National Park on your way and the entire three-hour drive will be a feast for your eyes.



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