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 Info on the Princess Louisa Inlet of British Columbia


Chatterbox Falls

Information on the Princess Louisa Inlet, B.C.

Paddling the Princess

This is truly the jewel of the Sunshine Coast as it is steeped in Native history with rock paintings, abandoned villages, mile-high fjords and a thousand glacier-fed waterfalls at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet. The inlet’s scenery is internationally renowned.
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This magnificent fjord is a stunningly gorgeous 7 to 10 day trip. This inlet cuts through the Coast Range Mountains and extends by zig zagging reaches in a northerly direction for about 60 miles bisecting the upper and lower ranges of the Sunshine Coast.

In some places the mountains of this fjord rises nearly, sheerly, four-thousand feet right out of the water. One can’t imagine the feeling of awe that pervades every sense when admiring such in a sea kayak.
Originally, perhaps a fault in the earth’s crust, and later scoured out by a glacier, since retreated, it is roughly a mile wide and completely hemmed in on all sides by stupendous mountains, rising from almost perpendicular shores to heights of from 5 to 8 thousand feet.
At certain times of the day the whole inlet seems choked with mountains, and there is no apparent line between where the cliffs enter the sea and where the reflections begin.
The climax of the trip comes on that 3rd or 4th day, at that moment when one first sees the Chatterbox Falls.
"Your eye is caught first by a long white scar, up and about 2 thousand feet, that slashes across ... and disappears into the dark-green background. Again, another splash of white, but farther down. Now you can see that it has movement. It is moving down and down, in steep rapids. Disappearing ... reappearing ... and thin in one magnificent leap plunging off the cliff and into the sea a hundred feet below. As you [kayak] draws in closer to beaches adjacent to the falls, the road ....... and the mist come out to meet you."
And it is there, at that beach, adjacent to the falls, that we pitch camp our camp for 2 days.
If we catch the water taxi back down the inlet, then we can take an extra day or two to relax and frolic around within the inlet - exploring the cliffs, foreshores, waterfalls, and marine life.
On the other hand, if the group has elected to do ‘the honest paddle back’, then after a 2 day rest, we begin our return journey capitalizing both on the winds and tides. Returning to Egmont this way seems a tad bit more rewarding than the luxury of a water taxi. But, then again, there are reasons for doing both.
Quite simply, if time and weather permits, undertaking the return paddle back allows one to boast that they paddled to and from thee Princess Louisa Inlet – the longest fjord in BC . Rewarding indeed.

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