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 Nootka Sound Kayaking and Kayak Tours

On the Pacific outside of Nootka Sound

Nootka Sound beach

Nootka shoreline

Nootka Strait Kayak Touring and Information


Paddling the Nootka Sound

Have you ever fantasized about waterfront property at one of the world’s most remote and majestic beaches? Fantasize no more as hundreds of such beaches are waiting for you and your tent within the confines of Nootka Sound. Treat yourself to the raw rugged beauty of Vancouver Island’s western coast by gliding to sheltered coves and countless islands on the calm protected waters of Nootka Sound. Paddle quick as there is much to be explored; this area is rich with beauty, wildlife and Canadian history.

From the launch in Gold River, you will be paddling through a long corridor; mountains lush with vegetation will be on either side of this narrow hallway called Muchalat Inlet. After passing Gore Island the Inlet opens up and you will see Bligh Island. From here, heading to the east through Hanna Channel will take you to several additional inlets and San Carlos Point, the northern tip of Bligh Island. Heading to the west through Zuciarte Channel will take you to Resolution Cove, through the Spanish Pilot Group Islands and across the Cook Channel to Friendly Cove and the village of Yuquot. This area is where Europeans and native Canadians first met and is commonly referred to as the birthplace of Canada.

No matter where you paddle here, you are bound to stumble on interesting coves, beaches bordered with beautiful flora and fauna and artifacts from the areas ancient native past, but those looking for a few recommended stops can drop by Crawfish Falls on Nootka Island. This is where Calvin Creek empties into the Pacific. Take a swim in the surf here and then rinse yourself off in the freshwater of Crawfish Falls. On the western side of Nootka Island you may explore the Nuchalitz Marine Park. This area offers several small island groups, quiet coves and countless beaches. This park is named after the ancient village of Nuchalitz, which is still occupied by First Nations People on a seasonal basis. Throughout this marine park you will find many archeological sites as First Nations people have enjoyed the resources of the area for thousands of years.

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