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   Discover Kyuquot Sound On Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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"We are so glad we seized on the rare opportunity to explore this incredibly unique area. I felt like a castaway(in a good way) as I walked along the never-ending beach at Brooks Peninsula. This place is a must-paddle prime kayaking destination."

Joseph Rudolph,
Brussels, Belgium

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"From our first night in Zeballos to our last in the Bunsby Islands, this was a great trip. Thanks for your knowledge and fun-loving spirit. We look forward to a possible trip next summer."

Anne Lakesly,
West Vancouver, British Columbia

Get Lost in Kyuquot Sound, B.C.

This spot is a great place to “get lost” in a kayak for a few days, or longer.  The Kyuquot Sound, situated in the sparsely populated northwest quarter of Vancouver Island, is reachable only by air or water; its isolated location makes it easy for kayakers to feel as if they have the mountains, rainforest and water all to themselves. The Kyuquot Sound is one of 5 major sounds indenting the western coast of Vancouver Island.  There is plenty to see here, by land and by water, and you will run into very little human traffic, if any, when you go exploring.  The temperate rainforests here are pristine and abundant with cedar, fir and spruce trees as well as wildlife.  The water, protected by mountains on either side, is often still, making this an ideal trip for inexperienced paddlers. 

More information on our yearly expedition to Kyuquot Sound...

See the Bunsby Islands and the Brooks Peninsula on our Kyuquot trip

This trip is not limited to just the Kyuquot Sound and paddlers will have a chance to see two additional Vancouver Island kayaking destinations as well; the Bunsby Islands and the Brooks Peninsula. These locations, a short paddle beyond Kyuquot Sound, are beautiful and unique kayaking destinations. Within the Bunsby Islands we are able to explore island inlets and spectacular beaches and the Brooks Peninsula is the perfect place to see old-growth forests and take a walk on the Vancouver Island mainland. It's an inviting place and the first place we beach on the peninsula is a sprawling sandy beach that is easily the length of five football fields! Link here to view our prices and departure dates...

Abundant Marine Life, mainly Sea Otters

This trip promises spottings of the northwest Pacific's abundant marine life. While humpback whales, California sea lions and migrating grey whales are not uncommon here, the marine mammal you are most likely to see is the sea otter. Sea Otters are a very interesting and important creature in these waters and for a long time, they didn’t exist.  The native sea otter population here became extinct in the 1800’s by hunters and fur traders.  Between 1969 and 1972, 90 sea otters were relocated to the Checleseht Bay waters.  The resident sea otter population has since flourished and paddlers can expect to see many of the estimated 2,000 sea otters while kayaking in the area. More about the wildlife on your kayaking trip...

Guides that are knowledgeable about the place and its people...

The Kyuquot Sound is a beautiful place that is significantly less travelled than some of our other kayaking destinations, such as the Johnstone Strait and Princess Louisa Inlet. Situated in the northwest quarter of Vancouver Island, it is not easily accessible and we therefore often feel like we have it all to ourselves. Our guides have paddled these waters for over a decade and are very well acquainted with the place and its people. The Kyuquot Sound, Bunsby Islands and Brooks Peninsula is natively home to the Kyuquot/Checleseht People of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations. There are still around 500 band members that live in within the Kyuquot Sound, many in the village of Kyuquot.

Specializing in Kayaking on Vancouver Island!

"Anyone interested in exploring one of the world's most unique ecosystems should consider a kayaking trip to Vancouver Island. It is here that rare pristine temperate rainforests blanket steep mountains that rise from ocean inlets rich with marine life."
Our Kyuquot trip departs August 22, 2008!

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