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   Come With Us Ocean Kayaking On Johnstone Strait With Killer Orca Whales

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"I couldn't believe how beautiful the whales really were. I get goose-bumps everytime I describe them. Seeing them living and breathing was even more exhilirating than I had imagines in to be!"

Jane Krazczech,
Seattle, Washington

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"When can I book my next trip? That was amazing! Can we go for two weeks next time?"

Vic Patel,
Los Angeles, California

Nothing More Majestical Than Kayaking Johnstone Strait

The Johnstone Strait is marked with an ‘X’ on the maps of paddling enthusiasts planet-wide.  This spot is a must-paddle destination where kayakers have the chance to glide alongside one of the world’s most spectacular mammals, killer whales.  The Strait, a passageway between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia Mainland, is home to one of the world’s largest resident orca pods and a trip here is the only place in the world where there is almost a guarantee that you will see a whale.  While these magnificent mammals are undoubtedly the primary draw of our Johnstone Strait trips, there is plenty more to see here.  We paddle with a backdrop of British Columbia’s breathtaking wilderness and our trip also includes explorations of old-growth forests and offshore islands.


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The best place in the world to see killer orca whales from a kayak

Paddle in the house of the killer whale!  While killer whales, commonly known as orcas, can be found in every ocean across the globe, the most likely place to see one is in the Johnstone Strait.  This is because the Strait has the largest-known population of resident orcas on the planet.  Approximately 200 orcas call the Johnstone Strait their home; sustaining themselves off the plentiful salmon in the water and often traveling very close to shore at the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve to rub themselves on the rocks.  The quiet approach of our kayaks allow us to get extremely close to these massive, beautiful and brilliant mammals; sometimes so close that we will be able to feel the spray of a breathing whale! Learn more about Johnstone strait...

Enthusiasm is more important than Strength - Our Trips Include Everyone!

No matter how many years young you are, or how strong you are, don’t count yourself out for the trip of a lifetime!  Our guides have working with disabled persons, children and the elderly to ensure that they enjoy the same paddling experience as everyone!  We have taught people to paddle, ages 7 through 80, and those who just want to come along for the ride can ask about riding with a guide in the front of one of our double kayaks.  Our trips are designed to accommodate paddlers of all skill levels because we believe our trips are a rewarding experience that should be open to everyone!  Don’t worry about having strong arms because all we care about it your enthusiasm!

The best kayak company for your Johnstone Strait trip!

"Our guides have been leading trips into the Johnstone Strait for over a decade still, every time we see the dorsal fin of an orca rise from the water, we get goose-bumps.  These whales have been swimming the Strait for centuries, possibly millennia, and the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations people have been paddling above them for about as long.  We feel it is an honor and privilege to paddle these waters each summer and thank the people here for opening waters of their longtime home to us."
Paddler Closer, phone us today for a whale-spotting trip to the Strait!

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