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  Viewing Deer While Sea Kayaking On The Shore In B.C. 

Ocean Kayaking and Seeing Deer In B.C. on Shore



One entirely non-threatening animal that you are likely to see on our trips is a deer. These are peaceful animals that you are especially likely to see on trips kayaking around mainland British Columbia. There are two species of deer that you are likely to see: the whitetail deer and the blacktail or mule deer.

Both these animals have reddish-brown or tan coats throughout the summer and more grey looking coats in the winters. There are black spots on either side of the chin and antlers that grow upward. The mule deer you are most likely to see as it has the largest distribution among deer of British Columbia. The whitetail deer is less likely to see on your kayaking trip as it resides primarily in the southeastern corner of the province.

Deer are not carnivorous creatures, browsing instead for vegetation such as green plants, nuts, corn trees and twigs. Deer are fast animals that can run up to 35 mph. Despite this, they remain easy prey for animals such as cougars, wolves, coyotes, bears and even domestic dogs. Although deer are considered prime prey in the forest, even once being endangered, deer now live in abundance and are in no immediate danger of extinction.

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