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   Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound - Kayaking Tours With Kayak Crusades of British Columbia

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"The Clayoquot Sound is simply intoxicating in its beauty! It's a fantasy land where the only things you'll see and hear are the sights and sounds of one of Mother Nature's masterpieces! She's done it again."

Grace Young,
Eugene, Oregon

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"This was an spectacular trip. I can still see the water, hear the fire and taste that fresh cooked salmon. Thanks for everything."

Mike Morgan,
Wilmington, North Carolina

Clayoquot Sound The Trip Of A Lifetime

Within the confines of Clayoquot Sound, paddlers have the opportunity to kayak hundreds of nautical miles through an endless maze of offshore islands.  This is an area where we encourage beaching your boat and taking a walk; Coastal Temperate Rainforests blanket about 265,000 hectares of mountains, valleys and islands here, making the Clayoquot Sound home to one of the planet’s most rare ecosystems.  The Clayoquot Sound has been nicknamed “Hawaii of the North” and the “Eighth Wonder of the World”; every stroke of your paddle will be validation for these nicknames.

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Vancouver Island's Hidden Jewel

Tucked into the western coast of Vancouver Island is Clayoquot, one of our favorite places to slice through the water taking in the rugged beauty of one of the world’s more rare and precious ecosystems.   The Sound typically has easy paddling, being protected from the open ocean by an archipelago of forested islands. Clayoquot is one of the best places on Vancouver Island to explore British Columbia’s pristine temperate rainforests.  Plants, trees and wildlife flourish here and explorations of the forest are a highlight of every trip.  We wander underneath cedar, fir and hemlock trees that tower into the sky.  We encounter creatures of the water, air and land such as sea lions, bald eagles and bears.  Best of all, we get lost in one of Canada’s natural wonders.  It is here where we choose to spend our summer solstice year after year. Read more about Clayoquot Sound

Elite Status as a Biosphere Reserve

This area’s ancient rain forests, rivers, lakes, islands and wildlife are precious to the people who live here.  Because of this, Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations people who have lived here for hundreds of years teamed up with members of the Tofino community to develop models of sustainable development in the interests of the Clayoquot Sound’s conservation.  Their efforts paid off and in 2001, UNESCO (a division of the United Nations) designated this area as a Biosphere Reserve.  The designation recognizes the community’s success in achieving social, environmental and economic sustainability within the Sound.  The recognition also has made these community’s global examples of sustainable development.  We highly recommend touring Clayoquot’s town of Tofino and learning more about sustainable lifestyles.

"Tofino Time"

Located at the end of the road, literally, Tofino is the furthest thing away from a dead-end town.  In fact, its reputation as an activity packed, ecologically-friendly community has made it a globally popular tourist destination.  On the average summer day, its population can balloon to 20,000 people who come to surf, whale-whale watch and take in the beauty of Clayoquot.  Long Beach, one of the gems of Pacific Rim National Park, is also a short drive outside of Tofino.  To those with extra time before or after their trip, Tofino is a nice little oasis where you can relax…. Or continue to explore.

Specializing In Sea Kayaking On Vancouver Island!

"We are amazed that, after dozens of trips to the Sound, we are still discovering trails we've never walked before and beaches we've never noticed. For the guides and the customers, this is always a special trip. Anyone anxious to explore a complete intact temperate ecosystem, should paddle on in with us. Come be seduced by the endless blues and greens of Clayoquot's breathtaking panorama."

We're paddling in twice in 2012 so click here to learn about coming along!

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