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   Discover Camping & Kayaking on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast British Columbia

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"Our campsite got better everynight. We started on our own private beach next to an old-growth forest. The next day we paddled to our own private beach on our own private island! The campgrounds were beautiful with enough space to accommodate our group of 12."

Jill Rosco,
Seattle, Washington

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"Our campsites were the best! Fresh water streams, food cooked on an open fire and songs by the fire! Fun for our whole family!"

Dan, Jen, and Max Fischer,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Not Just A Kayak Company, We Camp Too...

On our trips we not only paddle through British Columbia’s most celebrated waterways but we camp on its most precious lands too!  All of our multi-day trips are complete immersions into the wilderness of British Columbia.  Our kayaks allow us to reach rarely seen islands and beaches that make for a wonderful camping escape.  It is camping at its best to camp on your own island under the light of the full moon; hearing only the roll of ocean tides, the crackle of a fire and maybe, the sound of one of our guides strumming their guitar.  We usually establish multiple campsites on every trip, the sites we chose are often surrounded by ancient old-growth forests that are a thrill to explore.  By observing ethical camping guidelines we insure that we enjoy our campsites without hurting the environment.   

We offer camping on all of our trips, link below to learn more.....

Our Most Popular Camping & Trips are...

No matter where we set up our tents, we are usually isolated in the wilderness, far away from the distractions of community campgrounds.  On all of our trips, we typically stay on our own private beach or island.  We are constantly discovering new sites and none of our destinations are without uniquely beautiful camping.  A good campsite is a guarantee on all our trips so whether you book a trip to see whales in Johnstone Strait or to island hop in Barkley Sound, you are guaranteed to have a great view of British Columbia’s beautiful backcountry.  Those looking for beach or island camping should consider the Broken Islands, Clayoquot, Nootka and Kyuquot Sound trips.  Those looking for whales will camp close to the orcas on land surrounding the Johnstone Strait.  Those curious about seeing mountains, impressive cliff walls and tranquil waters can consider one of our trips to Princess Louisa Inlet or Hotham Sound.  View all our Multi Day Trips...

We Don't Only Camp, We Backpack, We Hike, We Discover and Learn

Our explorations by foot are equally exciting as those by kayak.  On all our trips we take the time to hike through trails in British Columbia’s temperate forests.  These are some of the last surviving rainforests of their kind.  A walk through the woods promises multi-century old cedars and Douglas firs that rise over a hundred feet in the air.  Within this ecosystem, an abundance of wildlife flourishes and we often spot the traces of the healthy animal kingdom within.  There are cougars, bears, elk, deer, wolves and bald eagles sharing the land and while they almost always keep to themselves, animal sightings can be thrilling experiences.  On sunny days we also take time to explore the beaches we discover, lounging, playing Frisbee, swimming, snorkeling and investigating the creatures within the many tidal pools.   Our kayak guides are equally knowledgeable about the lands we camp on as they are about the sea we paddle and they will be on hand to educate you about the vegetation and animal life surrounding the places we paddle.

Keeping Your Personal Effects Dry on our Trips

Before their trip, clients are often concerned about how they will travel with and keep their personal belongings dry on one of our trips.  We assure you that your personal belongings will fit in our kayaks’ bone-dry storage compartments.  It is always smart to pack you things in dry bags that can sit on top of the boat and stay dry but even if you do not have one, we have never had problems fitting what needs to be held inside the boats.  People are also concerned about packing water-sensitive cameras.  We encourage you to pack your camera in order to have pictures with your memories and can assure you that when kept in a dry bag or pelican case, it will stay dry on the water. 

There is more to us than just Kayaking!

"On our trips, one of our favorite things to do is relax after a day of paddling at a beach where few people have had the privilege to travel. We pride ourselves on finding campgrounds that are ideal for group camping. At one of our campsites, you can expect to have lots of personal space for your tent, a group 'living room' with a kitchen and campfire and sometimes even a natural fresh water source. If you are short on equipment such as tents or tarps, just contact us and we can pack it for you!"
Paddle with us to the best campsites in B.C.!

Kits Kayak Crusades is located in North Vancouver (North Shore) British Columbia, Canada. All information including trips, lessons, day, weekly and overnight trips are updated on a seasonal basis and are subject to change.

'We are proud members of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.'

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473-1641 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 2J5

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